Beer Tuborg Price: Latest Prices for Tuborg Beer Variants 2024

If you are looking for the beer Tuborg price and its detailed information, then you are in the right place. In this article on Munafa Deals, we have provided researched information and everything you need to know before buying a Tuborg Beer.

What is Beer?

Beer is an alcoholic drink that basically contains alcohol percentages from 5-12% which is mild compared to Rum, vodka, and whiskey. Beer is made by fermenting grains like wheat and barley which is flavored with hops. The fermentation changes sugar into alcohol and Carbon Dioxide. You can pick the Beer of your choice according to the taste you best get familiar with Like Lagers, Ales, Stouts, and pilsners.

Beer Tuborg Price

What is Tuborg Beer?

Tuborg is a famous Danish pilsner-style lager beer brand that has built a superb reputation in the Indian market for its super fine and sweet taste. It is also one of the largest beer brands in Denmark, established in 1873. Tuborg is one of the most preferable brands among beer drinkers in India. If you are ever planning to try booze then you can definitely go for Tuborg.

Why Choose Tuborg Beer?

There is plenty of reason to choose Tuborg whilst its refreshing taste is one of the majors. Its availability and affordable price also account for choosing Tuborg and the rest reasons are listed below:

  1. Tradition: Tuborg has a strong heritage in India among people of all age groups since it has been brewed for more than 150 years.
  2. Taste: Its crisp, sweet refreshing taste and well-balanced flavor are appealing to many beer drinkers. It is preferably combined with chasers like peanuts, fried chicken, etc.
  3. Availability: Tuborg is easily available in most of the states of India so you can buy it from almost everywhere.
  4. Price:  Tuborg beer is relatively affordable compared to other imported beers, making it accessible to a wide range of customers.
  5. Brand recognition: Tuborg is a well-known and established brand with a strong reputation in India as its been in the market for decades.

Beer Tuborg Price

The price of Tuborg beer in India changes in different states depending on the state taxes, local laws, and size of the container ie Pint, can, and Bottle. It also changes with time and place.

The average price of a 330ml can in India is around 75 to 85 Indian Rupees, and bottle that is 650ml is around 120 – 160 depending on the state and district.

Tuborg Beer Price In Bangalore

Tuborg Strong330 ml₹65
Tuborg Strong500 ml₹95
Tuborg Strong650 ml₹120
Tuborg Premium330 ml₹75
Tuborg Premium5000 ml₹90
Tuborg Premium650 ml₹115

Tuborg Beer Price In Goa

Tuborg Green330 ml₹38
Tuborg Green500 ml₹56
Tuborg Green650 ml₹72
Tuborg Premium330 ml₹41
Tuborg Premium500 ml₹61
Tuborg Premium650 ml₹80
Tuborg Strong330 ml₹40

Tuborg Beer Price In Kolkata

Tuborg Strong330 ml₹70
Tuborg Strong500 ml₹85
Tuborg Strong650 ml₹110

Tuborg Beer Price In Rajasthan

Tuborg Strong330 ml₹61
Tuborg Strong650 ml₹109
Tuborg Premium330 ml₹60
Tuborg Premium650 ml₹103
Tuborg Classic Black Premium Strong Beer650 ml₹130
Price Of Tuborg Beer
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Tuborg Beer’s Calorie Count

The calorie count for Tuborg beer can vary based on the type of beer and its alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage. As a general rule, a 12 oz (355 mL) serving of beer with an ABV of 5% can contain approximately 150 calories. However, this is just an estimate and the actual calorie count may vary so here’s a table to which you can refer.

Type of BeerServing SizeCaloriesCarbs (g)Fat (g)Protein (g)
Tuborg1.5 glass225000
Beer Classic0.5 liter (pint)1951400
Strong Beer1 pint320000
Tuborg Christmas Brew0.5 liter25050011
0.5 Liter Beer1 bottle (500 mL)21517.802.3
Beer 0.75 L0.75 L405000
Beer 0.5 L1 can202000
Nonalcoholic Beer50 cl27011
Tuborg Strong1 Can32016.501.5
Tuborg Lite100 mL29100.4

Tuborg Beer Alcohol Percentage

Tuborg offer varying alcohol percentage in its different varieties. Here is major Tuborg variants with their alcohol percentage.

Tuborg Lite has an alcohol content of 4.3%,

Tuborg Green has an alcohol content of 4.6%

Tuborg Skoll Ice Apple has an alcohol content of 6%

Tuborg Strong has an alcohol content of around 6.7%.

Tuborg Beer Price
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About Tuborg Brand

Tuborg is a Danish beer brand that is known for its great quality, crisp taste, refreshing pilsner-style lager beer, and its affordable price. This brand was established in 1873. Tuborg offer various varieties of low-carb and light beers to cater to different taste and preferences. Tuborg has been in the market for ages and has established a brand with a strong reputation among beer drinkers in India.

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The information provided on this website is intended for informational purposes only. It should not be considered professional advice or endorsement of any particular beer brand or product. Please drink responsibly and always follow the legal drinking age in your country or state. The content on this website is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Consult with a qualified healthcare provider if you have any concerns regarding alcohol consumption. The creators and owners of this website are not responsible or liable for any damage or harm resulting from the use of the information provided. The content on this website is subject to change without notice. Please drink wisely and enjoy responsibly.


How much percent alcohol in Tuborg beer?

The alcohol content in Tuborg beer changes depending on the variants. The alcohol percentage ranges from 4.3% in Tuborg Lite to 6.7% in Tuborg Strong.

what is the price of Tuborg beer?

The price of Tuborg beer can vary depending on several factors such as location, retailer, taxes, and currency which is between 65 INR for 330ml to 180 INR for 650ml. You can refer to the table to get the detailed prices of Tuborg beer in different states.

Tuborg wheat beer price

The price of Tuborg wheat beer changes on several factors such as location, retailer, and taxes although it is in the range of 140-170 INR for 330ml and 500ml in Maharashtra.

How to drink Tuborg beer?

Some people prefer to drink beer straight from the bottle or can, while others like to pour it into a glass to get a better aroma and taste.

How beer tastes?

Some common beer flavors include hoppy, bitter, malty, sweet, fruity, and roasted. Light beers, such as lagers, tend to have a crisp, clean taste, while darker beers, such as stouts and porters, can have a roasted, coffee-like flavor. Fruit-flavored beers can have a sweet, fruity taste, while sour beers have a tangy, acidic taste. The bitterness in beer comes from the hops used in the brewing process, while the sweetness comes from the malt.

How much beer to get drunk?

It is not safe or responsible to drink with the intention of getting drunk. The amount of beer needed to get drunk depends on several factors, such as body weight, tolerance, and metabolism.
If you are consuming beer daily then 1 drink per day would be fine for women and 2 drinks per day would be fine for men. If you are drinking after a long time like a week or month then you can cross this limit. A standard beer is 1 drink and contains 14 grams of pure alcohol.
Drinking more than recommended limit might have negative health effects.

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