What You Should Know About Beer Kingfisher Price Before You Buy

If you are looking for the beer Kingfisher price and its detailed information, then you are in the right place. In this article on Munafa Deals, we have provided researched information and everything that you need to know before buying a Kingfisher Beer.

What is Beer?

Before we proceed it’s essential to know about your favorite summer buzz drink Beer. Beer is an alcoholic beverage that tastes best when served chilled. Also, the alcohol content in Beer is generally between 4-8% which is mild. Beer is typically made by fermentation of grains, usually Barley and wheat and flavored with Hops. You can pick the Beer of your choice according to the taste you best get familiar with Like Lagers, Ales, Stouts, and pilsners.

Beer Kingfisher Price

What is Kingfisher Beer?

Kingfisher beer is one of the most picked and readily available beer brands based in India. It is owned by the united breweries group. You can find this beer to chill in any corner of India with various options from lagers to strong varying in taste according to your taste bud preference. 

Why Choose Kingfisher Beer?

There are several reasons why kingfisher beer claims the top spot among beer drinkers in India and around the world and here are a few of the reasons we have personally gathered why to go for Kingfisher Beer :

1. Taste: Kingfisher is known well for its crisp and refreshing taste and it well goes with various chasers from peanuts and roasted cashews to pizza and fried chicken.

2. Variety: Kingfisher offers a wide range of beer styles, including lager, strong, and premium, which allows customers to choose the perfect beer to suit their taste preferences. So you don’t have to worry about limited options.

3. Brand Recognition: Kingfisher is one of the most popular and well-known beer brands in India and has been around for many years. This brand recognition gives it a level of trust and reliability among customers and it is readily and mostly available in the liquor shop near your home.

4. Availability: Kingfisher beer is widely available in India and can be found in many bars, restaurants, and shops. It’s also exported to many countries around the world. You will find it easily in the Beaches area so Camp up and open the Bottle!

5. Pairing with food: Kingfisher beer is often paired with Indian cuisine, and it’s considered an excellent pairing for spicy food. So pour in a chilled one!

6. Affordable: Kingfisher beer is modestly priced and so you don’t have to worry about cutting pockets to afford it.

beer kingfisher price

Kingfisher Beer Price:

The Kingfisher beer price in India changes in different states depending on the state taxes, local laws, and size of the container ie Pint, can, and Bottle. It also changes with time and place.

Here are Kingfisher beer price in India-

Kingfisher Premium Lager of 650ml is 90 to 180 INR

Kingfisher Strong of 650ml is 80 to 180 INR

Kingfisher Beer Price in DELHI 2023:

Kingfisher VariantPackingPrice
Kingfisher Fine Lager330 ml₹70
Kingfisher Fine Lager500 ml₹105
Kingfisher Fine Strong330 ml₹70
Kingfisher Fine Strong 500 ml₹105
Kingfisher Fine Strong 650 ml₹130
Kingfisher Premier Lager 330 ml₹55
Kingfisher Premier Lager500 ml₹80
Kingfisher Strong Platinum330 ml₹70
Kingfisher Strong Platinum500 ml₹85
Kingfisher Strong Platinum650 ml₹130
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lager330 ml₹90
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lager500 ml₹130
Kingfisher Ultra Fine Lager650 ml₹170
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier Beer330 ml₹95
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier Beer500 ml₹160
Kingfisher Ultra Witbier Beer650 ml₹185

Kingfisher Beer Price in GOA 2023:

Kingfisher VariantPackingPrice
Kingfisher Premium330 ml43
Premium500 ml₹65
Premium650 ml₹90
Kingfisher Strong500 ml₹72
Strong650 ml – bottle₹95
Kingfisher Ultra330 ml₹55
Kingfisher Ultra500 ml₹85

Kingfisher Beer Price in KERALA 2023:

Kingfisher VariantPackingPrice
Ultra Premium650 ml₹150
Ultra Premium500 ml₹120
Ultra Premium330 ml₹110
Strong500 ml₹100
Ultra Lager Beer650 ml₹140
Ultra Lager Beer500 ml₹110
Ultra Lager Beer330 ml₹80

Kingfisher Beer Price in Bangalore 2023:

Kingfisher VariantPackagePrice
Kingfisher Ultra MAX Premium Strong330 ml₹110
Kingfisher Ultra MAX Premium Strong500 ml₹135
Kingfisher Ultra MAX Premium Strong650 ml₹185
Kingfisher Strong Premium330 ml₹85
KingFisher Strong Premium650 ml₹150
Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer330 ml₹110
Kingfisher Ultra Lager Beer650 ml₹175
KingFisher Beer
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Kingfisher Beer Variant’s Calorie Count

Here is a list of Kingfisher beer variants and their (approximate) calorie count per 12-ounce (355ml) serving:

  1. Kingfisher Premium Lager: 150 calories
  2. Kingfisher Strong: 210 calories
  3. Kingfisher Ultra: 130 calories
  4. Kingfisher Blue: 210 calories
  5. Kingfisher Red: 170 calories
  6. Kingfisher Storm: 210 calories
  7. Kingfisher Ultra Max: 210 calories
  8. Kingfisher Ultra Witbier: 160 calories
  9. Kingfisher Ultra Cool Lime: 130 calories

Kingfisher Beer Alcohol Percentage

  • Kingfisher Ultra: 4.7% ABV, mild option
  • Kingfisher Strong: 6.2% ABV, one of the strongest beers in India
  • Kingfisher Ultra Max: 4.9% ABV, strong pale lager with a slight sweetness.

About Kingfisher Brand

Kingfisher is a leading beer brand in India that is part of the United Breweries Group. It was founded in 1978. and its headquarter is in Bangalore, India. kingfisher beer owner is Vijay Mallya. This company is famous for its flagship beer, Kingfisher Premium, which is a light beer having a crisp and amazing taste. moreover, its beer variant, Kingfisher is highly served in a chain of restaurants and bars. This company has a stronghold in the Indian market and it is also exported to many countries across the world. Kingfisher is one of the largest beer producers in India and has a great reputation for its quality, taste, and affordable price.

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What is the alcohol percentage in beer?

The alcohol percentage in beer varies from as little as 3% in light beers to 15% in strong beers. It depends on the type and brand of beer.

what is the alcohol percentage in wine?

The alcohol percentage in wine ranges from 7%- 20%. The average is around 12-13%.

How many Beers a day is ok?

If you are consuming beer daily then 1 drink per day would be fine for women and 2 drinks per day would be fine for men. If you are drinking after a long time like a week or month then you can cross this limit. A standard beer is 1 drink and contains 14 grams of pure alcohol.
Drinking more than recommended limit might have negative health effects.

Which Kingfisher beer is best?

The taste of Kingfisher beer varies greatly, some may like premium lagers who want to smooth it down with light food or Kingfisher Strong going hard-core but as a personal preference on a casual day I pick Kingfisher Strong for an afternoon buzz.

How many types of Kingfisher beer?

Kingfisher beer has many types and variants. The popular ones are Kingfisher Premium Lager, Kingfisher Strong, Kingfisher Ultra, Kingfisher Draught, and Kingfisher Blue. The exact number of types changes on the location and market.

We hope that this article at Munafa Deals helped you a lot regarding the prices of Beer in India. If you have any Queries regarding the price or any other information on Beer, please comment below. We will try our best to answer you as soon as possible. Thank You🙏

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